So, we visited a HipHop concert on sunday. Listening mainly to metal music for the past 15 years, this is indeed something special and it was better than expected – pretty awesome in fact.  About 3000 people went to see Bonez MC & RAF Camora in St. Ingbert and were rewarded with 2 hours of finest entertainment. They even brought Maxwell and GZUZ!

I’ve been on quite some gigs (for fun and for in the past) but mostly metal/rock stuff and besides some of the Triple-A Bands like Arch Enemy, 99% of these gigs were pretty disappointing when it comes to performance, stage show and overall quality of sound and ambience. Not this time. 2 short opening acts (and good ones, too), a half-hour break to finish the stage-setup followed by 90 minutes 187 Strassenbande. It was the perfect length for an indoor-event with a hall full of (weed-)smokers – not too long, not too short.

At first, Bonez and RAF were alone on stage, announcing the gig’s end at least twice, each time followed by a nice interlude featuring either Maxwell or GZUZ who were not officially announced to be there. A welcome Surprise!

I made a few pics and videos (unfortunately, I was really slow when filming and too lazy to keep my arm up all the time, so basically there are no full songs on the vids but some nice highlights and impressions of the location and the crowd; besides that, quality of video and sound are above average, so just take a look).

Dem Pix!

Dem Videos

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